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Indemnity Form

Indemnity form submitted successfully, namaste!

1. Physical Condition & Safety

1.1 You understand that it is your responsibility to consult a physician regarding your physical condition and health to participate in the yoga classes conducted by Angexyoga. 

1.2 You shall not engage in any of the services provided by Angexyoga whilst suffering from any infections or contagious illnesses, disease, or other ailments including but not limited to open cuts, abrasions, open sores, or minor infections. Where there is any risk of conditions detrimental to health, safety, or comfort of you or our yoga instructors at Angexyoga; you will bring such matters to the attention of Angexyoga if in any doubt.

1.3 Any person who is pregnant, under medication, suffering from, or having suffered from any medical disability is strongly advised to seek the advice of a qualified medical practitioner before taking part in any yoga classes at Angexyoga.

1.4 Any person under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol shall not take part in yoga classes conducted by Angexyoga. If you are holding an existing package for private yoga classes, the class shall be rescheduled.

2. Limitation of Liability

2.1 You hereby acknowledge that you are aware that there will be a risk or possibility of injuries while taking part in physical activities. You understand that injuries cannot be specified, but are not limited to strain of muscles or joints. You understand that you are participating in yoga classes entirely at your own risk.

2.2 You hereby understand that the yoga classes conducted by Angexyoga are based on the principles of yoga and can include exercises that condition the cardiovascular system. These classes come with warm-up and cool-down period, and students are advised to pace themselves during class and to work at their individual level of difficulty.

2.3 To the fullest extent permitted by applicable law, Angexyoga shall not be liable for any loss/damage to personal belongings or in respect of any bodily injuries, illness, or death, howsoever caused.

3. Validity of Class Packages

3.1 All class packages are valid for 12-months from the date of purchase. All requests for extension shall be subjected to assessment by Angexyoga on a case-by-case basis.

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