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Anjaneyasana ("Low Lunge Pose")​

  1. Begin by going into Adho Mukha Svanasana ("Downward Dog")​

  2. (Inhale) Step right foot forward in between your palms

  3. (Exhale) Lower left knee to the ground, slide your left foot to the back and rest your left instep on the ground

  4. (Inhale) Stretch your arms up above your head, lift your hips up

  5. (Exhale) Sink your hips down, you can place both palms by the side of your hips or gently on your knees

  6. Stay for about 4-5 breaths

  7. (Inhale) Place your palms back down on the mat, tuck your left toes and lift your left knee up

  8. (On the same breath) Step your right foot back to meet with your left foot

  9. (Exhale) Lift your hips up, ground your heels and return to Adho Mukha Svanasana

  10. Repeat from Step 2 on your left foot



  • "My knee hurts when I lower it on the ground." You can purchase Yoga Knee Pads to provide some cushioning to your knees during your practice. Be sure to take care of your knees!

  • "I am unable to keep my balance as I stretch my arms up." Try to ground your foot which is placed forward and maintain equal weight on your hips. Alternatively, instead of stretching your arms up, you can stay on your fingertips and look forward.​ If this is still challenging, you can place your palms on yoga blocks.

  • "My lower back hurts during the stretch as I sink my hips down." Try not to ​go into a backbend by keeping your knees aligned with your ankles, and engage your core to lift your hips up. Focus on stretching your hamstrings and inner thighs/groin area.​

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