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Baddha Konasana ("Butterfly Pose")​

  1. Begin with a seated posture, and extend both your feet out in front of you

  2. (Inhale) Bend your knees, bring your feet in towards your pelvis

  3. (Exhale) Drop your knees to the side, and use your palms to press the soles of your feet together

  4. (Inhale) Place your palms on the mat slightly in front of you, and lengthen your spine

  5. (Exhale) Walk your palms forward, lower your stomach towards the mat, soften your inner thighs and keep your knees close to the ground

  6. Stay for about 4-5 breaths

  7. (Inhale) Walk your palms back, and gently sit back up

  8. (Exhale) Relax your inner thighs by bringing your knees back together, and hug your knees



  • "I feel tightness on my hips." You can raise your pelvis by sitting on a yoga block or a blanket.

  • "I feel tightness on my inner thighs when I dropped my knees to the side." You can bring your heels slightly further away from your pelvis.

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