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Bringing Matcha into my Yogic Lifestyle

What is a yogic lifestyle? To me, having a yogic lifestyle means to live happily and healthily with a balance in life, and to appreciate the present moment. You do not have to be a yogi, to have a yogic lifestyle. There are many ways to work towards a yogic lifestyle - and below are some that I constantly remind myself to adopt:

  • Sufficient rest Having enough rest for your mind and body is often overlooked. To have a happy heart, you must first have a good rest and begin each day with an energized mind.

  • Strength to let go To minimize any stress and unhappiness that could be taking up space in your heart or mind, have the strength and wisdom to let go.

  • Nutrients intake Traditionally, a yogic diet is vegetarian or vegan. However, it is acceptable to go with mostly organic, minimally processed, or locally-grown food. For that, I consume matcha to increase my nutrients intake.

Recently, matcha became part of my yogic lifestyle.

Taking matcha has formed part of my yogic lifestyle. The true matcha is not just any powdered green tea - but is actually a special name for a powdered green tea that use high-quality leaves which are cultivated by shading them from the sun. This cultivation process completes the matcha taste by adding the rich umami and sweetness in the tea. Read more about matcha to understand what you are really consuming - not all matcha is the same.

Matcha is highly recommended to be taken in the morning, before the start of yoga practice, or even starting your day. It contains just about the right amount of caffeine to enhance focus and create a better mood. There are many benefits of matcha and many ways to prepare it.

For me, I prefer my matcha to be prepared using the traditional style of whisking. There are also many types of matcha powder available in Singapore. The matcha that I am consuming is the Unkaku (Matcha) by Marukyu Koyamaen. It is a high-grade matcha from Kyoto, Japan and it can be purchased online from Tealife - shipped within 3 working days.

Notice the difference in your energy level after taking matcha!

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