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Sitali Pranayama ("Cooling Breath")

The effects of Sitali Pranayama are similar to Sitkari Pranayama, it gives you a cooling and calming effect. The only difference is in the way air enters your body. Instead of inhaling through the gaps of your teeth, Sitali Pranayama requires you to curl your tongue.

Here is the set of instructions:

  1. Begin with an easy seated posture and rest your palms on your knees - Sukhasana ("Easy Pose")

  2. Gently close your eyes and take a moment to focus on your breathing

  3. Curl your tongue comfortably and allow it to rest in between your lips

  4. (Inhale) Allow air to pass through your tongue

  5. Gently bring your tongue in and close your lips

  6. (Exhale) Allow air to escape through your nose slowly

  7. Repeat from Step 3 at your own pace


However, not everyone can curl their tongue comfortably. What happens if you are not able to curl your tongue? You can still experience the same effects by performing the Sitkari Pranayama. As these breathing techniques are effective for cooling the body, it is good to do it when your body temperature is high - such as after a workout or after an intense yoga practice.

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