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What Students Say


I managed to master the various inversions such as headstand, tripod headstand and forearm stand all in 10 lessons. Only possible because of the useful tips that Ange provided. She was very supportive and break down the poses into various steps so that I can build it up progressively. Highly recommended!


Nice stretch class with the use of props to try and achieve a deeper stretch. Like the extra touch of some kind of aromatherapy towards the end. Nice instructor and studio too!


Nice stretch class with the use of props to try and achieve a deeper stretch. Like the extra touch of some kind of aromatherapy towards the end. Nice instructor and studio too!


Appreciate how Ange conducted the class. Making it candid yet progressive to address each of the student's pace.


I always find myself improving in your class! So glad I’m able to work on different inversions now. Best class!


Appreciative of Ange in her training style that guides members progressively. and the pace works fine for me too. Not too fast or too slow.


Ange gives clear instructions and will help to adjust your posture. Very good for stretching & relaxing. Awesome!


Ange is the best thing that happened to us last year. Ange is a great teacher and more than that, a great human being. Me and my husband have been doing private lessons with her. Both of us are completely different and it's amazing how she guides both of us together. She is skilled, patient and committed to make us fit. Wishing you good luck, Ange!


We started couple yoga with Ange. She has been so patient with us, taking care to understand our limitations and adjusting the poses to suit. Her tips and advice made us fall in love with this ancient art of healthy living!

Jo Ann

I attended a few of Ange's classes because I feel that she is approachable in her teachings and she gave me useful tips on poses I was trying to work on. I also found her lessons to be well structured and she tried to assist everyone in the class. 

Michelle Bui

I must say that Ange is the one who helps me from zero-to-hero. I first came to her class with no experience in yoga and no expectation. I did try a few studios before but none of them turned out great, mostly unfriendly and impatient to newbies. When it came to Ange, she was one of the most patient, thoughtful, and dedicated teachers I could ever wish for. Being in her class inspires me a lot in my yoga path, she is so encouraging and supportive which helps me to improve so fast. She knows how to push you to overcome your own fear and makes sure that you are practicing safely. Thanks a lot, Ange!

Teng Jian Hong

Ange is a very knowledgeable and friendly yoga instructor. When I first stepped into Ange's yoga class, I was a complete beginner with almost no experience in yoga. However, under her guidance, I was quickly able to get into different yoga poses comfortably. From the basic poses such as downward dog to the more challenging ones such as headstands and handstands, Ange was able to explain clearly how to get into various poses safely and with the correct technique. I was extremely lucky to have Ange as one of my very first yoga instructors, and I would recommend her to all yoga practitioners, regardless of level and ability. 

Hafidz Rani

Thank you Ange! I never liked doing headstands but because of your guidance and appropriate warm-ups during core classes, I have gained confidence and courage to do it. You are such a gem! 

Hui Lin

Ange is an excellent instructor and a very friendly person! There's clarity in her teaching and the way she breaks down challenging poses into simple steps makes it very easy to follow, no matter how much experience you may have. She's attentive and encouraging, correcting our form when needed, and always give that extra boost of confidence when we feel like giving up. 

Jia Min

Ange is a really friendly and attentive instructor! No matter how small or big the class size is, she always makes the effort to come around and correct our postures and poses. She also encourages and pushes us out of our comfort zone to try something new. 

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